Spend Your Best Day in Sedona on a Vortex

Getting around Sedona should include time on a vortex! One of the important things to know about Sedona is that often times GPS does not get you to the address your looking for. The Vortex energy here can be confusing for people and electronics (come back soon for my upcoming blog on the Sedona Vortexes […]

Written By Anita Owens

On December 5, 2019

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Getting around Sedona should include time on a vortex!

One of the important things to know about Sedona is that often times GPS does not get you to the address your looking for. The Vortex energy here can be confusing for people and electronics (come back soon for my upcoming blog on the Sedona Vortexes to prepare first before going on a vortex).  

The first unusual thing you will encounter is our roundabouts. Many people have never seen this anomaly in other cities. When you come to a roundabout, once you enter, keep moving. The cars in the roundabout have the right of way. Now that you have that bit of info, let’s move on.  

Sedona is a small town with a lot packed into its small space.

To make sure you see everything, let’s start with Uptown. The main road in Uptown and West Sedona is HWY 89A. Uptown has a variety of stores and restaurants as well as many information booths with info on a variety of tours here in Sedona. Uptown shopping is good for crystals, jewelry, souvenir and gift items. There are also high end clothing fashion stores as well as t-shirts, hats and sunglasses.

You will find many dining options from hotdogs and ice-cream to 5 star restaurants offering steaks, chops or burgers as well as Italian, Mexican or pizza and tacos. Just about any taste can be found in Uptown. This is why all of our Vortex Food Tours begin in Uptown! Be sure and stop by the Chamber of Commerce on the corner of Hwy 89A and Forest Rd to get maps of the trails and your red rock pass which you will need to park on any trailhead. Be sure and pick up the Sedona Best. It is a free book on many of the galleries, shops, restaurants and tours offered here in Sedona.  

Next, travel out of Uptown into West Sedona

Here you can find many different creative studios, a large selection of fine dining restaurants as well as vegan and raw food, even a Whole Foods market which has the largest hot and cold salad bar all day long. You will also find more shopping as well as Psychics, Healers, spa and body work, hair salons and Vortex, UFO and Food Tours.

You should then continue south on 89A to Old Town Cottonwood which has many fine dining and more unique shopping. After a tour of Old Town, you can head up the hill to Jerome which has a rich history of the good ole west.  Jerome was named by the New York Sun in 1954 “The Most Wicked City in America.”  I recommend you take a Ghost or History tour and learn all about this wild wicked little town half way up Mingus Mountain.

Another gem you must see while you are here in Sedona

as you head back toward Uptown: at the roundabout known as the Y, go left on Highway 179 where you will find more interesting shopping and Gallery Row. Take 179 toward The Village of Oak Creek. While on 179, you will come to a roundabout for a turn off to Chapel Dr. Head up to The Chapel of the Holy Cross. Find a parking spot and go visit the Chapel.( see my  blog post on the Chapel story.)

The Vortex of Cathedral Rock

Vortex of Cathedral Rock

Back on 179, continue heading to The Village, you will see some of our most famous rock formations. The first one, on the right will be Cathedral Rock. For best viewing, be sure to take the roundabout called Back O Beyond to the Cathedral Trailhead….make sure you have your Red Rock Pass, or you can buy one at the trailhead as well. When leaving Cathedral, back on 179, the next trailhead will be Little Horse Trail on the left, or Yavapai on the right for more hiking trails or just great pictures.

Going back on 179 the next trailhead will be just past Bell Rock bridge.

Get in left turning lane for Court House vista trailhead. There will be a series of trails either taking you to the top of Bell Rock and or around Courthouse.  Here you can mountain bike as well around the rock formations.  

Back on your tour head now into the Village of Oak Creek where you will often find on the weekends large art fairs more healers, massage, Psychic readings and great crystal shopping. Many fine dining is in the Village, be sure and stop in “The Collective” stop in the Visitors Center to  get all the scoop of what “The Collective” has to offer….When coming in or out of town this is a perfect stop for food, shopping, maps, galleries and all your questions answered at the Visitor Center.

Sedona’s weather is mostly wonderful throughout the year.

You can expect January to March will be many sunny days with occasional rain or snow and your nights will be often be low temps. You will need layers and a coat if visiting during this time.

April to June are the most comfortable temps with sunny warm days and warming nights, but many times a light jacket will be your best friend. You will benefit from sunscreen and a hat and please always have a bottle of water with you at all times. Do not go on trails without water and keep in mind that desert animals start to come out and enjoy the sun with you, so keep and eye out around you and share the trails with our wildlife safely.     

July to September is monsoon season.

The days will be sunny and can reach as high as 115 degrees. The sun is intense and you will benefit by finding the trails that offer more shade such as Fay Canyon, or ask The Chamber for some shady trails. The rocks will be very hot, so taking dogs on the rocks can be unpleasant for them so be sure to pack dog boots if you’re here in the summer. There are a pet stores throughout Sedona, in Uptown, and in West Sedona where you will find treats and boots for your 4 legged friends.

Sunscreen and water are a must.

You may choose instead to hang out in the water holes around town. You’ll find a watering hole at Slide Rock State Park. It can become quite crowded quickly, so plan on getting there when it opens to get a parking spot. There are also many areas on Oak Creek, so you may find your own little space. You can expect most days the monsoon will come in around 2:00pm, accompanied with lots of lightning and wind so being on the rocks can be very dangerous so plan to be off the rocks by around 1:00pm.The rain will cool down the temps making for a really pleasant evening.

October to December cools off again. October is my favorite month for hiking and climbing the rocks here in Sedona, as well as mountain biking. Very pleasant, sunny, usually warm days. At night, it will begin to cool down so a light jacket will most likely be needed. November and December can have rainy days or even snow days. Most days that we have snow the sun usually melts it in a day but the pictures of the snow on the red rocks are stunning so do your own photo tour if your here on a snow day.  Nights will be cold, so layers in the day and a coat at night will be needed.  

Sedona is one of the very few cities certified a “Dark Sky City”

This means that when the sun goes down with not much moon in the sky it will be pitch black, so be sure to be off the trail by sunset. The only lights are around the commercial areas on 89A. Be sure to take a drive out into one of our canyons to see our sky at night. You will be amazed without the light pollution the million more stars you will see!

Sedona’s elevation is 4500 feet above sea level.

If you’re coming from sea level, it may take a day to acclimate to the elevation. Be sure and stay hydrated as it can be easy to get elevation sickness, especially when on the vortex.  

I wrote this so you can prepare wisely for your journey to and thru the most beautiful place on Earth. Even if only here for the day, you can now make the most of your day, even if all you do is take photos. Sedona is a gloriously magical place that can be a life transformative experience. Be prepared to be forever changed. The energy here is a force that will stay with you and bring you back time after time!

Please feel free to call me with any questions

to book your Vortex Tour, your UFO Tour and your Food Tour. Or I can assist on creating your own unique package here for whatever you need during your stay here. I know many healers, regression therapists, massage, sound and energy healing as well as psychic, medical intuitive and advanced eye readings for complete health evaluation. If I can’t answer your question, I will find someone who can.  I want your time here to be the best, most relaxing healing experience it can be!

While in your hotel room check out Red Rock TV on Channel 16 for more great information about the surrounding area.


When you’re ready to experience Sedona with a local perspective, schedule your tour with us!


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