• Healing
    Quite recently I was blessed with one heck of a cold. While this is usually a “bad” thing to most of us, to me it is […]
  • My Guides
    My Guides gave me this exercise many years ago and it truly helped me with some fears and anxiety I was having at that time.  I was […]
  • The List
    Ah, the list. This is the very dimension that humans have been getting lost in for eons. The very paradigm that elicits control and being controlled. […]
  • Life’s GREAT Experiences
    In the search for Life’s GREAT experiences we are apt to overlook the little, everyday miracles which can tremendously enrich our lives if only we are […]
  • ‘Tao Te Ching’
    The ‘Tao Te Ching’ has given me much to ponder over the years as I have been studying it’s beauty and simplicity. While I have many […]