666 you’re in the Belly of the Beast

Today’s blog comes after at least 6 weeks of God showing me how deep and supernatural the system of the Beast truly is and how it has nearly every human bound by it unwilling and unknowingly it is a hypnotic trance type of system with its portals and tentacles in every walk of society and […]

Written By Anita Owens

On June 1, 2022

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Today’s blog comes after at least 6 weeks of God showing me how deep and supernatural the system of the Beast truly is and how it has nearly every human bound by it unwilling and unknowingly it is a hypnotic trance type of system with its portals and tentacles in every walk of society and life. 
Let’s start first with Rev. 13:18 this calls for wisdom, ‘let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and that number is 666’.  Also the Hebrew alphabet which has 22 letters and in Gematria which is in essence the Bible codes all letters have a numerical value so I looked at the 6th letter in the Hebrew alphabet is 6 = W so not only is the letter W in the 6th position it is the number 6 …having said this I very quickly realized what God has been showing me over the last 6 weeks and that is not a coincidence by the way I even said a Thank you as soon as I typed this on how God is in my script a video on that will come out soon. 
Back to the Beast, God showed us the end is written in the beginning. What I am  getting to and then I will lay it out ….666 – WorldWideWeb….Shocking right the very portal to HELL. 
Now let’s get up and out of the devils rabbit hole another interesting bible code or verse John 6:66. From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him…WOW no coincidence there…God proves himself in every line of the bible..Read it! I highly recommend you do in these dark days ahead you will be glad your here. 
Ok  lets start with what we know will be the signs of the end of days like in the days of Noah will be the reign of the antichrist.  Matt. 24:37. We now once again are in Noah’s time. 
The Creation Museum (located in Kentucky, not far from Cincinnati) actually has a full scale ark built identically as was given to Noah. Not a coincidence, God is always talking to his flock and we listen and respond as did the creator of the museum.  Now lets look at technology in the old and new testament since we are now being plunged into the digital age of the met averse and becoming a part of the AI system making us no longer human and unable to join our King in His millennia kingdom. 


Weapons Tech…. Matt 24:22 …Jer 50:9
Medical Hygiene  ..Ex 15:26…Deu 23:12-13
Circumcision  Gen 17:10-12
Pathways in the Sea  ..ps 8:8 …Isa 43:16
Round Earth …Job 26:7 ..Isa 40:22 take that flat earth’s 
sub atomic particles..Heb 11:3
Weather cycles..Eccl 1:6-7…Job 36:27
Global coverage  which could not be that homed in the ancient world as the prophets wrote them think here the 2 witness or the abomination of desolations for the whole world to see..Matt 24:15  Rev 11:8-10 for every people, tribe, language and nation now that could not happen with out the beast of the World Wide Web=====666
How does this slowly and controlling lies of the dragon, beast, serpent the devil spin you in his web? Mostly thru entertainment. Think Disney here!!!  Now think cell phones this is truly the spirit of the air. Let’s read again Eph 6:12 ‘For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorityies’ (these are ranks of angels) against the power of this dark world (we live in the fallen world of Satan and his evil 1/3 army of angels) and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms  again this is not GOD’s heaven but the 2nd heaven they were kicked down to we know as space …all of this is also called the wicked lyings wonders of the spirits of the air this is said in so many ways about our end times and battle that we will all be engaged in one way or another you will find yourself either in the rapture awaiting the millennial kingdom of the New Heavens and Earth or you will be transformed who’lly into the Beast AI system of the meta verse and will be made to worship the Beast or get your head cut off seriously Rev 20:4 it’s there. 
Lets talk about this dark wicked spirit of the air…Radio waves, cell phone, TV, WIFI satellite tracking. Basically in the world we all now live, nearly 100% dependent, we can not escape the Beast that we have been calling Big Brother. We are all under the control, the influence, the trance, the spell, the zombified tentacles of Satan and his army of evil and horrific monster like of fallen angels that are getting ready to insert themselves into our every day reality now. I have made videos on this and the promises they will make you and they know that the human ego and its vanity and pride will fall into their trap at least 90% of the planet will buy the snake oil let’s talk on why that is because it is so subtle that if you do not have the holy spirit inside you Satan’s spell is bombarding you with your cell phones,  computers, and TV all day and night long and we all know how dependent we are on our phones…lets go back to the binging of this video I said Its all about WWW…666  world wide web will grab and steal your soul for all eternity if you do not wake up from the new age BS quickly.  
Over the course over the last 6 weeks I did not allow for anything coming thru the airwaves, cell phone, WIFI TV to be anything other than christian content.  I broke the spell and just did not look or listen to anything other than God’s Good Works for 6 weeks it took to break the spell. That is on us all. That is why kids at 5 yrs old can watch violent video games and cartoons even and laugh we are so conditioned to enjoy the coming zombie apocalypse. I know this for I was urged to watch just today June 1 season 4 of Stranger things having been 6 weeks off the koolaid we are fed by the hour and within the first literally 5 minutes of wanting to watch only to see the current programming they are sending out I got a hole in my lower back that I felt very vulnerable and knew not only was my back going out big time but I saw the demonic force that was waiting to jump back in. 
Today, the darkness does not act like the demons of the ancient world, they are much clever liars and very seductive they know how to weave themselves and firmly plant their roots into all of you.
I repented. Turned off the tv and turned on my favorite pastors and got into the living word and started writing this message.  It’s real moms and dads out there raising the next generation. It is our little ones that will not be able to discern because they are now born into a digital world of virtual reality and transhuman which means they are becoming a digital AI citizen in the System of the Beast and will enjoy the luxury of the lies this system that will in just a few months from now demand we all partake in actually you will not have the luxury of not partaking they will simply take over a world that is despair from a number of planned-demics coming….Food Famine, currency collapse, electric grid collapse, gas shortages world wide all of it is world wide and yes a nucleur attacks will begin not to mention the natural dismaster of record breaking unprecedented the world has never seen or experienced …..
GOOD NEWS! The believers will not be here for this and more good news you can unplug and disconnect from the spell break the chains that bind you and stop making your entertainment of any kind which includes news and all things mainstream stop it NOW…For the next 7 weeks (God’s number) only take in the good news and good works of God’s Holy Living Word its all free and its all over the internet use WIFI for the Good and the living you will FREE yourself and find Real JOY and HOPE let me leave you with some tools to get started on your path to our Lord Jesus He is your only King and only thru his name will you enter HIS KINGDOM your souls eternal home check out all kinds of free material via app on phone or internet let the devils tools bring you to GOD what a way to kick the dragon in the teeth because his days are numbered and we will all watch Jesus blow him in a single breathe to the lake of fire very soon
KITRUST.org….OPENBIBLE.info….ProphecyWatchers app
skywatchtv app….spark bible app….RealScripture app
billy crone get a life app…real life with Jack Hibbs app
That will keep you busy way beyond 7 weeks and get you unplugged from the absolute satanic spell we are all under until you are full of the Holy Spirit …Simply ask Jesus to come into your life and to be placed in His book of life and Repent of all the sins you know of and do not know off and simply sin no more…speaking of this a side note a did a video on Idolotry this is the 2nd commandment and the very one that nearly everyone alive participates in daily completely unaware of what they are doing really understand this commandant almost every one I have ever known including me until I was saved do this on a daily basis and it seems very innocent it is not but the devil can and does disguise as an angel of light 2 Corinth 11:14
And all God’s people said      AMEN   


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