End of Times..End of Days?

End of Times..End of Days? As it was in the Days of Noah so it shall be in the end of time and that is so true for today. We have never had the age of the Hybrid TransHuman movement that is going on today ever in our history except the day God closed the […]

Written By Anita Owens

On March 14, 2022

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End of Times..End of Days?

  • As it was in the Days of Noah so it shall be in the end of time and that is so true for today. We have never had the age of the Hybrid TransHuman movement that is going on today ever in our history except the day God closed the door of Noah’s Ark. 
  • The Arks now are in our skies and by the dozens every few minutes.  It is interesting that FOIA  link here https://www.livescience.com/ufo-report-human-biological-injuries   or here  https://www.the-sun.com/news/3323053/pentagon-23-minute-ufo-video-insider/
  • In the 14 years I have been doing UFO tours, (now called Angel tours), there has always been a war going on in the Heavens see Rev 12:7  This is ramping up like no other time.
  • Never have we seen this much activity in the skies.  So yes, I believe Michael and His Holy Angels have come to kick the dragon and his fallen angels out of this world once again and we are here to witness the great battle that Michael will win.  


Let me start with one thought that I will address toward end of this blog. 

Everyone will stand by their self in front of God and will answer to him how they spent their time daily in their life.  

Think on that while I give you my AHA  moment this morning while reading God’s Living Word aka Bible.  

I imagine since the dawn of time once God’s authors and prophets started writing down His Word. They probably believed that in their lifetime they would see Jesus as well as the end of days. I can also remember being only maybe 10 years old or so and I walked out side my home on Boyle Rd and sat down on the porch and heard myself loudly in my head say I can’t believe I chose to come here for the end of the world.”  

Fast forward to today and I was thinking about the Russia Ukraine war I was realizing this is very much the essence of Ezekial 38. Next could very well be the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 with the total destruction of Damascus by Iran.  

We could very quickly see an escalation in the middle east that we have never seen in the modern world. I now realize, WOW, overnight we can see us marching toward the time of tribulation.  This 7 year period is truly Hell on Earth. 

So I was asking God why for thousands of years have every generation thought they were seeing the signs of the end of time of life on Earth.  Why does so many scriptures to paraphrase “The time is near”? God imprinted on my heart the answer so clearly….YOUR TIME IS NEAR!!  I instantly understood that the human life span is honestly very short compared to the days of Noah we average maybe 80 or so years that is a very short time for us to come to know God and his word for our salvation. 

Once you truly get that we have fallen out of the GARDEN, WE ARE SPIRITUALLY DEAD and thru His Grace and Mercy we are given instructions on how to COME BACK TO THE FATHER.  Keeping in mind we are in the kingdom of Satan for he is the prince of the power of the air Eph.2:2  

It is really easy to get distracted with all of the Devils ways.  

The Dragon will have a million ways to deceive us and keep us programmed and condition to obey and comply with his agenda and keep us busy with shopping and sports and concerts and lust and greed you name it his toys are all around us.  Having said all of that really let me drive this home..ALL OF US, OUR TIME IS NEAR!!!  

That is truly what Jesus was saying thru out the old and new testaments.  Jesus knows that from the get go when we are very young we are programmed to be in distraction, greed, lust, addicted you name it we are conditioned to be confused, emotionally distraught, and in our heads and not our hearts.  

Jesus is in your HEART and the Devil, Dragon, Satan is in your HEAD.

Remembering this, clears the way for a very dangerous and troubled journey your life will take you on.  I know this because he got me and I know in my heart how much Jesus came and rescued me because HE cares about his flock.  HE knows my time is ticking and is about up and HE SAVED ME.  

Moms do not let the prince of the power of the air..Lord of Darkness get your kids and if he already captured you ask for help now…HE WILL BE THERE.  

So YES we are in the END OF DAYS…Do you know how you will spend your eternity.  TODAY as I write this my prayer would be that at least one soul would happen upon this in the days we still have internet take my message to heart.  My message is EVERY SINGLE SOUL WILL STAND BEFORE GOD ALONE,  and answer to HIM how you spent your time here.  HE will ask how much time did you give to ME and MY words and commands.  How much did you love ME?  How much time did you spend in the patterns and evil of Satan’s kingdom.  

It only takes 5 minutes a day to give to HIM and say a prayer for your fellow son of man that more souls make it out this HELL that we are in and into the eternal kingdom that has been prepared for you.  


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