The List

Written By sedonaufovortexfoodtours

On August 26, 2019

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The List

Ah, the list.

This is the very dimension that humans have been getting lost in for eons.

The very paradigm that elicits control and being controlled.


Each one feels that in order to validate themselves to the other they must have an outwards expression of success.


A completion of a list that never ends.


For the very list is a representation of one’s disconnect from their spiritual body and thus a disconnect from their spiritual purpose.


Humans feel a strong need to see and create accomplishments outside of themselves. A need of accomplishment to compensate for the feeling of a great loss of one’s true self.


The only true reason for being human is to better understand your spiritual purpose.


You have been given the physical world to play within, to mirror yourself and heal your fragmentations and spiritual wounds.


Your human body is a barometer of your spiritual body and your over all balance.


Understand the language of the body’s illnesses and aches.


Your spirit is signaling you through your body for balance and integration.

This continual plea for integration has been with you since man first arrived.


Man arrived and immediate the list kicked in.


From the very beginning, days have been full of survival and protection for preparation for tomorrow and the next season.


So this list is in the genes, and so it is has been passed down since the original man.


Still today a survival and preparation agenda that the humans find themselves trapped in. Never leaving the collective long enough to under understand their spiritual nature.


Trust is the key, the escape hatch to get back to your souls’ mansion where you can truly see and experience who you really are. Your God Self


You know this on a deeper soul level.  


When there is blind faith in your God Self and forward movement there is also miracles.


Set aside your mind, your self-judgment, and the judgment of others.


Allow your soul to flow through you.  


Your commitment to this process is the ladder out of the hole you perceive yourself in.


Leading you back to your soul and your soul’s purpose and a life with less of a list and a lot more of love. 


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