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On August 26, 2019

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My Guides gave me this exercise many years ago and it truly helped me with some fears and anxiety I was having at that time.  I was just reminded by them about this helpful and productive exercise to share with you which is a great way to start the new year.

Let’s talk first about what creates fear, anxiety, depression or any low vibration that keeps you from manifesting all of your desires in life. 

Fear, anxiety, depression stems from the clutter in the subconscious.

This clutter includes past wounds, trauma and beliefs that have gone unresolved as well as emotional wounds, trauma and unresolved challenges.

These can be from this life or perhaps even from past lives.

According to Dr Freud, you developed your core belief systems  between the ages of one to seven.  As a child, in the first 7 years, we observe our environment and all the people we were surrounded by and we unconsciously developed our beliefs as truth based on these perceptions about life, relationships, love, money, work, God, and dozens of other things which is now stored deeply embedded in your sub conscious.

Your observed belief systems may not be your Truth of who you are today and may be  keeping from your highest potential of healing and manifesting.

On top off all of that we all have Archetypes which are meant to teach us lessons which can trigger confusion until we understand them and then let them go.

For example I had a client who had many lifetimes of experiencing the Archetype of The Hermit. In this life, unaware of the energy of the hermit, her question to me was ‘Why have I not been able to manifest a relationship in the past 20 years’?  Well as you can very well guess the Hermit energy surrounding her Auric field is not appropriate for a relationship to manifest. Once she understood this Archetype and the lessons around it she was able to become available for a true relationship to take place.

This is a great exercise for opening your third eye. 

(give yourself about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time)


Close your eyes

Picture in your mind’s eye a beautiful area
of green grass and a sparkling pond

See yourself walking towards and sit beside the pond  

Take in the beauty of all around you

  the trees, wildflowers, the blue sky 

       Feel the sun on your face

The pond you are sitting by is your subconscious and water represents that which is buried in you consciousness.

With your pen and paper in front of you both physical and in your mind’s eye ask the questions you most want to get insight into on or why you are not getting your desired results.

Example: Why am I in financial challenge so often?

What will happen is information will begin to come out of the pond in the form of words, beliefs, memories, past life visuals or memories.

Information about what is buried within you will surface
As they do, and this is most important part, do not give them excuses or questions or any dialogue other than a sincere feeling of gratitude and appreciation.

For your buried story, or treasure is a better term, is being told.

Every cell simply wants to tell the story and truth it is holding for you.
To tap you into your wisdom and knowledge about who you are on this spiritual journey as a human.

Your body has all the information you need to grow into your powers of manifestation and having the life of your wildest desires.

It is your birthright, but what is covering your light and power it is all there in the pond beside you.

Once your cells have given you what secrets/treasures/stories they have been holding they are free to leave and you will regain your light and joy and move on to your life goals.

See the story just dissipate into the sky above you.

This is truly the highest spiritual purpose that all humans share in common. To reconnect to your original higher self and feel connected to The One that we all are. 


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