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On August 26, 2019

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Quite recently I was blessed with one heck of a cold.
While this is usually a “bad” thing to most of us, to me it is my teacher.

I have learned from the human body that all manifestations are vehicles of information.

Not only does the body, by catching a cold have valuable information, but the cold itself has an intelligence and a healing opportunity for me to enjoy.

Let us think of “The cold season” in a way that is transforming and healing instead of sick, I say WooHoo bring on the wisdom of the cold.

My healing opportunity has brought an entirely different perspective on the way I look at dis-ease. 

In my process, I had congestion in my lungs bringing about lots of coughing and eventually losing my voice for 4 days.  As I dialoged with this occurrence I found some deep seated fears that were being kept snug and deep in my liver and Kidneys.

Who would of thought that a respiratory condition would be triggered by fears in my Digestion and Urinary systems, but there it was coming to the surface with a fury.  I honor my times of breakdown of the body because I can sit with myself and truly explore “my stuff”. As I did this, deeper layers began to unravel and changes in my life started rapidly occurring bringing about an AH HAA kind of effect that I would like to share with you.

The incredible human anatomy is always in dialogue with us, we have approx. 30 trillion cells that are all speaking to us in every moment.

We have the ability to listen to their message, our true self, if only we “ALLOW”.

As I did just that, two things came about.

First, I honored the cold as being my guide and friend that was ushering to the surface wisdom, in this case in the way of deep seated fears.

Secondly, I honored the fears as being a wise council and sage, knowing that these fears were serving my highest good.

I have noticed that when all events are considered good and worthy and are validated as important, that the wisdom of their message can be understood. 

The event of this cold brought with it the wisdom that I had a fear of judgement.

The cold allowed it to come to the surface and even release itself because I took the time to honor it’s role in my life and actually many lifetimes, I began to understand how the fear had been serving and protecting me.

I also began to understand that I consciously then could transmute that energy into a different role and dialogue.


Keeping healthy is a balancing act and the greatest balance I have learned is that wisdom lies all around us and through us.

All “things” found in nature including diseases of all sorts have information that will lead us into a higher awareness and knowing of ourselves.  From this awareness then we begin to wake up to our true nature and power of being God in a miniature version.

My journey with the common cold has led me to begin dialogue with the “Wisdom Behind All Disease”

The common cold has taught me about releasing Grief, and man was that all powerful.  The more I allowed the cold to speak to me about my grief, the more I connected with the mass collective grief.

So I encourage you to honor a cold if it comes as a valuable healing opportunity. To take on the serious and happy business of hearing it’s message, of releasing grief.

To do so in a natural way without the interference of medicine if possible. I myself assisted the body’s needs by 4000 mgs of vitamin C, and 3 tablets of oil of oregano daily and found the release quite tolerable and informative.

Ask your body what it needs and pay attention to what it is telling you. 

Colds are a good thing! It clears the unshed tears of grief that we have been holding onto all our life.  The congestion and phlegm are simply coagulated tears. So sneeze and cough away to more joy and health.


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