Life’s GREAT Experiences

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On August 26, 2019

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Life’s GREAT Experiences

In the search for Life’s GREAT experiences we are apt to overlook the little, everyday miracles which can tremendously enrich our lives if only we are aware of them.


Miracle 1

Discover the conscious awareness of your mind, body, and spirit in any given moment.


Stop for at least 10 minutes a day and concentrate on yourself and the amazing powers that you possess.

We are all individual instruments of the DIVINE and therefore have no less ability than the original source that we call GOD. You are GOD in the flesh and the power of creation resides within your mind, body, and spirit.

Acknowledge yourself as the Mighty Creator that you are and create a wonderful joyous day.


Miracle 2

The I Am Consciousness is your true spiritual identity.

It accepts no limitations and no restrictions to your miracle powers and your achievements. Descartes said “I think therefore I AM”. Your thoughts are your creation.

The world around you is a direct reflection of where and what your thoughts have been on.

Let the I AM Consciousness that you are creating from be filled with Love, Generosity, Kindness and Reverence.

Express your Divinity in words that have the creative life spark 
such as

  • I Am healthy
  • I AM peaceful
  • I AM Wise
  • I AM Prosperous
  • I AM Love

Now watch how your life begins to reflect now your new conscious dialogue.

The I AM Spirit represents your awareness that the Spirit of GOD is within and by accepting this as your truth you will set into motion the miracle working powers of your higher mind.


Miracle 3


You are here to Imagine and Create, to image yourself in many ways.

This is our most precious gift for we can build or become anything that we can image.

Hold in your minds eye the image you wish for yourself and know that simply by the power of thought and this visual that you have for yourself that the almighty higher mind of the I AM is at work creating that which you hold in view for yourself.

Imagination is at the core of all of mans greatest accomplishments that we can see all around us. The Great Pyramids. The Parthenon of Greece. The Great Wall of China. Flight to the Moon. The Internet and so on. Imagination is our miracle worker.

Use your creative powers in a new way daily in the small details of life and build your imagination muscles

All of Life is a Miracle ~ Create the Miracle you Choose Today


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