My top 10 destinations a day drive from Sedona

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On August 26, 2019

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My top 10 destinations a day drive from Sedona

My top 10 destinations a day drive from Sedona


Northern Arizona has so many beautiful and inspiring destinations right out side of Sedona.  Some of the most scenic places in the country can be found in No. Az.  Maybe some of these places you have never heard of before you might want to include when you plan your trip into my part of the world.  I offer up this so you can explore and make the most of your time in Arizona.


#1…Antelope Canyon….A photographers dream come true.  Inspires and full of wonderment all around you will not be able to stop taking pictures.  Located on Native American Navajo land east of Page, Az.  It is made up of two canyons one called Antelope Canyon also called the “Crack” and the other “The Corkscrew”  It is made up of limestone, granite, basalt and sandstone.  It’s name is derived from the many pronghorn antelope that live in the canyon as well as grazing cattle.  Put it on the Bucket list for sure.


#2…Monument Valley…Just like Sedona over time see what creative license that wind and water can create over time.  This is earth wild, rough and red as well as mysterious.  The energy here is so tangible and so still at the same time.  You can feel the love the Navajo have for this land as they settled here in 1581 after the 1st settlers the Anasazi.  Be sure to get a Navajo guide that can take you further into the canyon to see some incredible anasazi dwellings and pottery.  The towering buttes are simply as American South West as it gets.


#3…The Wave…Few people have heard of this place yet it is in the top of Arizona’s destinations.  Another place for challenging trail-less hikes while taking in the beauty Mother Nature has to offer.  Another miraculous sculpture thanks to wind and water.  This is a premium photo destination.  The u shaped troughs were formed in the Jurassic period and can be a bit rough hiking.  You just gotta do it!!  You must have a permit to hike here and only 20 are given a day to keep the terrain as pristine as possible so plan ahead


#4…Lake Powell…Another Arizona top destination a man made reservoir on the Colorado River.  The lake offers a variety of activities such as fishing, hiking, house boating, jet skiing, water skiing and camping.  A summer treat near the Utah border in the Glen Canyon national recreation area.


#5…Horseshoe Bend…Located in the Glen Canyon recreation area.  1.25 million acres national park of scenic vistas, magnificent formations and a rich and colorful history.  The best way to see the horseshoe is from a cliff that is a 1.5 mile hike from U.S Route 89.  Watch your step it is a 1000 foot drop from the cliff to the river.


#6…Canyon De Chelly…Interesting fact this is the longest inhabited places in North America.  People have lived on this 83,840 acre area for 5000 years.  The land is Navajo Nation and mangaged by the Navajo.  There are ruins here from the Anasazi as well as the Pueblo and Navajo.  Be sure to check some of the more striking ones such as Spider rock, White House and Antelope house and do not miss mummy cave in which mummies were found.


#7…Lake Havasu City…There is something for everyone there.  New home for the London Bridge here in Arizona.  Known for the friendly people and great food.  Such a summer treat with sun over 300 days a year makes for a great time in the lake anytime of year.


#8…Hoover Dam…One of the worlds top great engineering marvels.  Completed in 1935 stands 726 feet high linking Arizona to Nevada with a distance of 1244 feet long.  Held back by Lake Mead spanning 177 miles of the colorado river and is the largest artificial lake in the United States.  Lake Mead offers all the typical fishing, boating, hiking, all water sports and camping.  For a night on the Vegas strip is just around the corner.


#9…Tucson…There are so many things to see and experience in this town on the border.  I really enjoyed the biosphere dome was designed to be a microcosm of the macrocosm.  Yes it is a mini earth that was self sustaining and housed a handful of people for 2 years.  Then off to wild wild west.  Hollywood set in which many western movies and tv shows were filmed and still in use today.  Another point of interest may be the Graveyard for aircraft of all sizes a side note this is where Elvis bought his plane he named  Lisa Marie.  Saquaro National Forest is a must day hike as well as taking the scenic Mt Lemmon byway is a photo must.


#10…Havasu Falls…On the Havasupai Indian Reservation is a bucket list for sure.  The Falls drops 100 feet into beautiful pools of the most gorgeous blue green water you will think your in the caribbean.  The hike is long no matter where you begin.  IF your in for a day hike with a nice reward at the end it is truly a paradise not to be missed


I hope this makes your next trip to Arizona gives you some fresh ideas and definitely bucket list destinations


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