Hopi Blue Star Prophecy

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On August 26, 2019

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Hopi Blue Star Prophecy

Hopi Blue Star Prophecy


I will give you my version of the Blue Star prophecy which is simplified a great deal.  I will summarize the prophecy but you can read so much more about it on the web.  I just want to show you a sacred rock here in Sedona to the Hopi.  This is Kachina rock with the Blue Star.

Hopi means People of Peace.  The Hopi were brought here in the First World by Hopi Gods where they met the Ant People.  The Ant People were crucial to their survival during the total destruction of the first world by fire.  The Hopi were led by a strange cloud by day and a moving star by night that led them to the sky God named Sotuknang.  Sotuknang then led the Hopi to the Ant People which in turn led the Hopi to deep sub terranean caves where they were saved from the total destruction of the first world.  The Ant people were very generous with the Hopi giving them food and teaching them about food storage.  In fact it is said that the reason the Ant People waist is so small is that they deprived themselves in order to feed the Hopi.

Orion just like the Ant people also has a thin waist and when Orion is in the Winter sky the Ant people are deep in their underground hills.  The Hopi build kivas that they do ceremonies in.  The kivas look much like the Ant dwellings deep underground.  The Hopi word Ki means ant hill  and VA means dwelling.  Each February the Hopi go into their Kiva’s to do the Bean Sprouting ceremonial dance called powamu that the Ant people called in Hopi the Anu Sinom taught them how to sprout beans in order to survive underground.   The Hopi honor the Anu Sinom by starting and keeping fires inside their Kiva’s all month creating very hot houses to celebrate their time and lessons from the Ant People.


Another interesting fact is the Hopi language Anu means Ant and Naki means friends so the Summerian Anunaki that came to Earth from the heavens may very well be the Ant People.  If you look at the Hopi’s depiction of the Ant People from their pictographs they look like the standard Alien Grey.  I do have a real picture I took of a Grey while out on a UFO tour that you can see for free on my DVD trailer.


The Ant people gave the Hopi a sign or a prophecy once the fourth world started and the Hopi came back to the surface.  This sign is called the Blue Star Prophecy which will be a sign in the heavens of the Blue Star will be very near Earth giving the Hopi a sign that the Fourth World is about to end and to make it back to the entrance their underground cave system there The Ant People will open the door and take them underground once again until the Fifth world appears and the Hopi will once again live on the surface.


The local legend says that the Blue Star Prophecy is stored in Kachina Rock.  When Kachina Rock falls then we will know that the total destruction of the Fourth World that we currently reside is about to be destroyed by a heavenly event.  I climbed to the top of Mescal Mountain behind Kachina and looking down on Kachina I asked if the Blue Star Prophecy is true show me the Blue Star and you have now seen Kachina and the Blue Star….COOLRIght?




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