The Incoming Alien Invasion On Late Great Planet Earth

The Incoming Alien Invasion ……On Late Great Planet Earth Today is 2-22-22 and I knew today would mark the beginning of a great change coming to our 3rd rock from the sun.   I am on record with stating that my role in the UFO, UAP community is to be a very small voice for GOD. […]

Written By Anita Owens

On February 22, 2022

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The Incoming Alien Invasion ……On Late Great Planet Earth

Today is 2-22-22 and I knew today would mark the beginning of a great change coming to our 3rd rock from the sun.  

I am on record with stating that my role in the UFO, UAP community is to be a very small voice for GOD. This in a time of when everyone are about to see the Fallen Angels and their demons in their very sophisticated space traveling craft.  

Why do I write this Now? 

Because thru my ongoing understanding of the Bible, I can see that we are at a critical time. Rev 6:2 when the Lamb opens the first seal and behold a white horse.  

So let me break that down this means. Earth is on the path for such a dire disaster that the entire planet and every person on the planet is so much in fear and running for their lives that we need a savior.  Someone to come onto the world stage and announce He has a solution to restore peace and security for every person on the planet.  

This of course requires we are all one nation, one religion, one currency and one Beast of a system tracking us all for our security and we as a global people will whole heartedly embrace this Beast system.  

What possibly could facilitate the ‘White Horse Rider’ onto the world stage?………UFO BABY !  

That’s right, since Satan, the snake, the dragon IS THE white horse rider in disguise. He will now call out his Dark Fleet of Angels and demons and their space craft to start not only appearing hovering all over the world major cities but I believe they will start attacking and causing much turmoil with all the ships carrying cargo in our oceans.  This will cause the shipping industry to halt their travel and completely destroying the already suffering supply chain.  The Dark Fleet has the ability to in an instant sink any size ship we have on the Sea.  Keeping in mind that is already the prophecy of John in Rev. 8:9 in which 1/3 of all life in the sea and ships are destroyed.   

Now this is just my interpretation all the hundreds of hours studying the bible for clues, but I believe that will be foreshadowed by starting with attacks on our ships at sea.  

Ninety percent of the goods coming into the United States are comes from shipping.  

With this interruption there will be cause for needing a savior to our rescue.  

This savior that is coming will not be good for you.  

More on that later.

Let’s set the stage as I see it as a person in the UFO community with the night vision goggles out nightly watching the Dark Fleet getting ready for their world wide debut.  

As of past 6 months we are now seeing literally over 70 UFO’s in one hour nightly but NOW parked in space are larger ships that every once in 5 minutes puts out a huge light then just turns it off.  They are giving us a warning and watching how many people if any are watching, in other words are you outside at night looking for signs in space.  If you are not maybe you should start or at least prepare and talk with your family how you’re going to respond when space bro is in your cities.  

Will this happen ?

ABSOLUTELY…it has to.


It’s Bible Prophecy and it will come to pass. Some verses to check out and know that this is GOD’s word  Eph. 6:12  2Thess. 2:9 are just 2 of my favorites there  are tons more.   

Satan is the prince of this world called Earth it is his kingdom and he currently owns the deed to this real estate. Seems odd I know but it’s all thru out your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE).  

That’s right we are all stuck in a bet between GOD and his most beautiful creature he ever created that was given free will and turned on God to be worshipped by God’s other creature, us, the son of man.  Satan was tossed out of GOD’s kingdom the 3rd eternal heaven and put into space to rule and deceive mankind until his day in court.  

You read that right we are all in a cosmic courtroom and waiting each and every one of us our trial.  I am doing my small part in trying to make this simple to understand that you may prepare for what is coming in every way you can imagine.  


It is right around the corner.  

What are you going to do?  

Live in fear and buy all the BS coming your way after all there is no truth on this planet?  

Everything you hear and read about your history or the virus of the day it is a lie. 

Truth can not and never has existed in the Devils kingdom. 

Space bro is coming and maybe at first they will appear as loving Pleiadians to appease Satan’s religion the New Agers for a while but the Father of Lies will capture as many souls as he can so this most likely will go in stages.  

The stronghold of delusion  2Thess 2:11 now this is worth typing out….And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.  

So reader I am telling you that the numbers of craft has never been this high and nonstop they are coming for you and unfortunately it’s the younger generation that will absolutely fall for this for they are not equipped in any shape or form to protect themselves, and the Dragon knows this.  

Can there be another scenario that brings in the White Horse Rider? 

YES!  That would be the rapture of the Church. 

The Bridegroom collects his Bride and we have a 7 year wedding feast in God’s 3rd eternal heaven.  This will bring in the 7 years of Tribulation that will be Hell on Earth and at the end the heavens and the Earth is all destroyed by fire.  I am so happy I will not be here for this and I hope that at least one reader reading this will be at the marriage feast as well.  Can you imagine when millions or maybe billions and certainly all the babies of the world just disappear in an instant that will be sheer chaos, fear and confusion leaving everyone needing a solution. Bring on Satan as your now SEEN LEADER..until now he has been hiding in the dark ruling silently ruling over humanity.  

Really look at the history of this planet it consist only of war, taking down kingdoms and kings and chopping off heads is the preferred method of entertainment or the lions den.  It’s nothing but bloodshed and drinking of blood and canabalism …Yes, I know you do not want to think of this in our modern day but that is the truth and you need to figure out your position when this anarchy is now your new normal…IT’S ALL WRITTEN AND WILL HAPPEN

So that is my thought today.

I ask you to please ask questions or email me at [email protected]

on what you would like for me to blog about on all things Fallen Angels, demons and UFO. 

I will research to my best ability with this enormous library of books I have here on my dining room table and write a blog on what you have questions about.  



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