I Was Biblically Illiterate and was Lured Down The New Age Spiritual Path for 30 Years.

Blog starting 2-10-22 I was biblically illiterate and was lured down the new age spiritual path for 30 years.   Thankfully I was recently rescued by Christ himself and now there is no turning back.   But let’s reflect on how this happens to us all at one time or another for whatever length of […]

Written By Anita Owens

On February 11, 2022

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Blog starting 2-10-22

I was biblically illiterate and was lured down the new age spiritual path for 30 years.  

Thankfully I was recently rescued by Christ himself and now there is no turning back.  

But let’s reflect on how this happens to us all at one time or another for whatever length of time. 

The bible is nothing more than a guide and a warning on how the demons and the devil aka the dragon, the serpent, vipers, satan, lucifer ..he has many names and they are all DECEPTION, LIES, SEDUCING SPIRITS, FAMILIAR SPIRITS, DOCTRINES OF DEVILS, DOMINIONS, POWERS, VIRTUES, PRINCIPALITIES, RULERS OF DARKNESS, PRINCE OF THE AIR.  To name just a few.  

Let’s start this journey with Ephesians 6:12  

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness of high places.  

[ side not see Ephesians 6:13 on how to protect]  the above verse may be hard to understand if you are like me and have no Bible literacy because it is truly a hard read and so most of today’s people simply do not try to make sense of it.  

Here is what I know so far. I call this journey I am on UP THE RABBIT HOLE.  Why because many of us have believed the lie and have gone down a very dark rabbit hole of deception. You may find this hard to believe but our Father is the Father of Lies. 

This kingdom prison planet Earth is Satan’s Kingdom and we are held here as his prisoner. 

Let’s start at the beginning shall we.

Genesis 3.  You will find here the story and how Adam and Eve are in the garden of Eden when the Serpent beguiled Eve into eating of the fruit. Bottom line she beguiled Adam into eating of the fruit and this got the pair kicked out of the garden.  What that means is the son of man has now FALLEN out of God’s Eternal heaven aka 3rd heaven into Earth of the 2nd heaven.  

The Serpent who is Lucifer aka Cherubim who is the most adored, beautiful, Intelligent of all of God’s Angels he is the right hand of God. 

Now Lucifer, satan, snake, serpent, dragon has convinced 1/3 of all of God’s Angels to follow him in his FALL to the EARTH OF THE 2ND HEAVEN to reign now over the Fallen Son of Man.  

Before going any further let’s clarify God’s creation so far.  

After the whole of creation there now is the Son of Man which is Adam and there are the Son’s of God which are 9 ranks of Angel’s that are also known as Host’s, Stars and they have names and different features according to their rank.  

It goes like this…

Seraphim means burning ones they attend the Throne of God..Isa 6:1-7

Cherubim..Full of wisdom [Satan the devil is this guy]   Assigned to protect special places..Exd 25:18-21…Ezk 10:14..Rev 4:6

Thrones..Steadfastness of the Love of God they contemplate God’s power Ezk 10:17..Col 1:16..Dan 7:9

Dominions..Lord over the lower choirs and humanity and govern the universe [they are fallen which equates to demons]  Eph 1:21..Col 1:16

Virtues..Run the operation of movement in the universe, associated with planets, elements, seasons and nature..Eph 1:21

Powers..Assist in governing the natural order, they are warrior angels tasked with fighting the war against demonic choirs [ these guys are now themselves demonic and attacking humanity] Eph 3:10..Eph 6:12

Principalities..Princes of the lowest triad assigned to care and guard communities, kingdoms, states and parishes.  They are associated with transitions in power..Eph 3:10..Eph 6:12

ArchAngels..Leader Angels designed to communicate and carry out God’s important plans for Man.  Michael, Gabriel and Rafael are the only 3 names in the Bible [Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth] Jude 9:1..Thes 4:16

Angels..Closest to the material world and humanity, the lowest choir where we get the majority of our Guardian Angels..Luk 22:43..Mat 18:10..Heb 13:2

No one knows how many Angels God made, could be trillions, but what we do know is that Lucifer with all his wisdom convinced 1/3 of all of God’s Angels to take the deep dive out of the 3rd Eternal Heaven to be cast down to Earth and to deceive humanity [ which we are fallen= spiritually dead to God and He wants us back and He gave the Prophets, the Apostles and fishermen his Holy word that we make wake up and climb out of the rabbit hole the Devil, Dragon, Serpent seed has put us in with his Hollywood films, music videos and lyrics..

Did you know that Lucifer when created was given the title Head of the Heavenly Choir this is why you will find all kinds of demonic imagery in music videos, the Super Bowl and almost all lyrics are satanic worship.  

I will write more on this another time right now let’s dive into Fallen Angels which are the Aliens..ET..Space Bother..Ultra Dimensional, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command and whatever New Age BS you want to assign to these Demons.  

Yes the Dragon, Serpent, Snake, Viper has his own creation as well and while they are supernaturally superior in every way.  They are Angels that have all their very supernatural abilities and came down to not only marry and procreate with the daughters of Cain creating one of their races, known as the Nephilim aka Giants who were canabals eating men like gummy bears.  It’s all in the Bible read it for yourself Gen 6 the Sons of God which are Angels took daughters of man.  This is the reason for the Flood Gen 6 as well.  Well Satan got busy with his Serpent seed creating his own race or races all kinds of Hybrids which by the way all are Demonic and can look just like us beautiful humanity.  Its called Shapeshifting or skin walker or who know how many names we can give them but they all are after the one and only thing ..YOUR SOUL.


The whole world is fascinated with UFO, UAP, and they are coming for you like a parade of DECEPTION.  Any morning now you will wake up and all the news propaganda will be that Space Brother has arrived to solve all of our problems like climate change, whatever new bio weapon plagued has been unleashed, global catastrophe of some kind in which we need to be saved.  This will happen and the Beautiful evolved Pleidian or Ashtar of whatever BS is believed of this time period that they are mankind progenitor and have been monitoring us and helping us to evolve and now that the Earth is ascending into the 5th Dimension its time for their help.  

This is the beginning of the DEMONS taking over your soul and critical thinking skills at this point of  compliance and obedience to the Devil’s kingdom is so ingrained it’s too late.  This kingdom is not of GOD you will find it thru out the Bible this is not where Jesus Christ is 2 COR 4:4 the God of this world hath blinded.  Eph 2:2 the prince of the power of the air the spirit now works in the children of disobedience …HE is coming for your children’s souls.  

I will wrap up with this first lesson by summarizing what my intent is going forward in this writing my goal was to begin to get the reader  thinking about the supernatural world that is so unbelievable that is why everyone is so far down the rabbit hole of lies that they simply can not begin to understand, comprehend or have eyes to see or ears to hear which by the way is said hundreds of times in the Bible.  We humans are so distracted by the ways and patterns of this world, the lies, programming, conspiracy nonsense that we will not know GOD when he comes. You will only know, bow down to, worship the ANTIchrist when he arrives in he’s very real and very large UFO’s all over the planet and its coming very soon.

I was a believer.
I have been abducted, abused, and programmed by this Evil agenda my whole life.  

I did the psychic reading and medium readings of talking to the dead.  I had past life regressions which I knew to be very real and why because I had the demon which were in these other lives make it real to me.  

Demons do not die they just travel thru the ages and kingdoms possessing people and holding those memories.  I know most people have no time or care to read the Bible so I will do it for you everyday and now I have enrolled into Bible college and I spend my days in the Living Word and will break it down for you one blog at a time.  For now know that the occupants of the worshipped UFO are the Devils Dark Fleet and yes HELL is real and He’s after your soul to spend with him in eternity into the lake of fire.  Don’t believe….Perfect.. that’s a win win for the Dragon he need’s company in his eternal kingdom the lake of fire.  


Next Blog The UFO, Aliens in the Bible


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