High Places

High Places Just this one phrase alone ‘High Places’ is mentioned in the Bible 91 times.   One of my loved Bible Scholars has a line when reading the Bible “If it’s weird, It’s important.  First time I read that, the term High Places came to me, for it took me some time of reading […]

Written By Anita Owens

On February 21, 2022

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High Places

Just this one phrase aloneHigh Places’ is mentioned in the Bible 91 times.  

One of my loved Bible Scholars has a line when reading the Bible “If it’s weird, It’s important.  First time I read that, the term High Places came to me, for it took me some time of reading this over and over and it just did not make sense to me until I realized another group of strange names such as principalities, powers, dominions and thrones in High Places was actually the Fallen Angels ranks and job description that are occupying space which are heavens and not Jesus Christ He is in the 3rd Eternal heaven which the Dragon, Serpent and his 1/3 of God’s Holy Angels were cast out of.  

So that’s the 1st thing you need to know about the UFO, UAP activity up there that I point out nightly it’s the Dark Fleet and not Loving Space Brothers.  

The Dark Fleet hates humans and are coming to destroy humanity and this Earth so how are they going to accomplish this.  Let’s start with the Rebel in Eden and how it’s been going on for thousands of years with every culture, nation, empire, realm that has ever walked planet Earth.  

If you do a deep dive yourself, as I have on this topic, you will see how every time period we have been taught to talk with and worship and or feed and make offerings to the DEAD.  These dead spirits are demons who do not die. You can find where they come from in Genesis but let me summarize  

Basically the Fallen Angels watching over the sons of man meaning the offspring of Adam but also the offspring of the serpent seed of satan.  The Angels decided they too wanted to marry the beautiful daughters of man and create their own offspring, their race of people that will be called the Nephilim aka Giants which are part human and part Angel.  This is a very large and powerful race of people who by the way made their own race of monsters by mating with animals, birds and fish hence the reason for the flood.  Let’s not get the lies that have everyone duped and waiting for the massacre unaware that is coming for us all if you do not know how to save your soul.  Which by the way is my only purpose on this blog is to try and save just at least 1 of you.  

In our now modern enlightened age and the age now of Ancient Alien Evangelists the principalities, powers have driven humanity toward the spiritualist movement that can be traced back to a handful of founders.

To name just a few you can look into let’s start with the the Fox sisters in 1840 Kate and Margaret and eventually Leah who started holding medium sessions in talking with the dead.  They faked rapping, knocks and loud noises with popping their toes and enjoyed a 48 year run of fame and fortune as fake mediums which in 1888 they finally confessed to a New York paper they faked the entire thing.  Kate’s confession to say just a few lines.. ‘I am here tonight as one of the founders of Spiritualism to denounce it as an absolute falsehood from beginning to end as the flimsiest of superstitions, the most wicked blasphemy known to the world.’      

This however did not create the smallest bump in the now all the rage newest movement called Spiritualist because in my opinion we mere humans are so desperate for contact with the dead we will throw away truth and run toward the answers the dead claim to have for us.  

Fast forward a bit to now another movement started by Helen Blavatsky know now as Theosophists Society.  She states in her writings she is guided by “Ascended Masters” paving the groundwork for today’s modern UFO rage and the ET disclosure movement that so many of todays books and articles and conferences all over the world are participating in.  In my opinion it’s the largest movement maybe ever because it is now a world wide phenomenon.  It’s on a Global scale like no other belief in our history.  

Bottom line of this movement has ushered in all kinds of Channelers, Mediums, Psychic, Astrologers to name just a few claiming they are in touch with the ET, Ascended Masters, Ashtar, Galactic Federation and the likes and they have been making and guiding humanity’s evolution for a millennia.  Seems odd that GOD could not get it right and we need space brothers to perfect GOD’s creation.  The New Age movement is alive and growing like weeds, which is exactly what it is called in the Bible..Tares..the serpent seed go now and look it up, these lies it’s all there.  

Why do you think I am now a Bible thumper, He who has eyes to see and ears to hear.  This is about your eternal soul either with Jesus and his kingdom or with Satan and his eternal kingdom in the lake of fire.  Your soul in eternal hell of fire for why?  Because you’re too distracted and caught up in the sexy lies of this Lucifer’s world. 

 I now tell people on my UFO, Angel and Alien tours.  The activity is now 100% more now than ever has been in the past decade in just 1 hour that I am out at night.  


Because the demonic Fallen Angels and their races of shapeshifting monsters are laying the ground work of not only taking your soul but will get you to worship them for a very long and unimaginable 7 years of tribulation.  

So reader use discernment!!!

and perhaps go get a Bible while you still can because the Dark Fleet will arrive and when they do the stronghold of delusion that will be cast upon us will drag us into the wrong side of ETERNITY.  THIS IS JUST ONE LONG STRING OF LIES SINCE THE GARDEN OF EDEN.  WAKE UP, they are after your DNA and will corrupt it, once this is done there is no coming back out of the rabbit hole you have been cast into.         


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