How To Talk To Ghosts

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On August 26, 2019

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How To Talk To Ghosts

How to talk to Ghosts


First important fact about ghosts is that they are people too.  They simply do not know they are dead most of the time.  They also may have unfinished business they need to resolve.  Sometimes they are hanging out because they have an important message they are trying to get to someone.  Some ghosts can be very active with the living and some are unaware of the living around them and they just keep reliving some tragedy or sadness over and over like groundhog day.  Some hauntings are just residual energy from a tragic battle for example.  Some hauntings are just imprint that again plays over and over, much like evernight at midnight Uncle Clive climbs the stairs banging on the wall.


There are several ways to talk with Ghosts

One way is simply like you are talking to your friend.  Keeping in mind they do not know they are dead so speak to them as if they are living.  In my ghosts tours the types of questions that get the most response are….

What is your name?

Is there anything you need?

Can I get you something?

How do you feel?

Are you alone?

Are you hungry?

Do you have friends with you?

Can we be friends?


These are just some suggestions but you get the idea.  Ghosts are just disembodied souls that many times need our help to assist them to the Light.  Often I will ask them if they would like to see their loved ones, family or children.  When they say yes then I pray that their guides and angels simply assist them to the Light so they may join their loved ones on the other side.


The next way to talk with the ghosts


By using a spirit box there are a few different devices on the market.  I have used the PSB7 which is the most popular on the Ghost hunting tv shows but can be very hard to pick up anything if your out in the cemetery where I do my ghosts tours.  They are more useful if your indoors and you can pick up a change in the static when they respond to your questions.  I have tablets that have a program in which the spirits can actually talk and you will hear clearly the voice as well as seeing the response written out on the screen.  This works very well when out in the dark cemetery to be able to see the words as they are spoken out loud.  I get direct response to my questions about 75% of the time.  The other time we will hear language appropriate to who they are such as the Native Americans have very different language than say the military versus the ranchers or children.


Interesting experiences I have had with ghosts


I have way to many interactions my entire life with the world of spirit to list here so I will just pick a few and also what I have learned from them.  One of my interactions was in Cincinnati the spirit brought his mother to me because he needed very much to explain what happened to him.  The family was all told he committed suicide and that is NOT WHAT HAPPENED!  Johnny was at the WEBN fireworks that takes place on the Ohio River between downtown Cincinnati and across the river is the No Ky. riverfront.  Johnny was on the Kentucky side of the river when he had a reason to  run from the police who caught him buying drugs as he was running across the suspension bridge over the river he somehow simply fell off the bridge to his death in the river.  As he told it to me all of a sudden his spirit was looking down from the bridge and saw his body going toward the river and said “OOPS I lost my body”  He knew to go to the light and was strong enough to get his Mom’s attention and brought her to me so his message that he did not commit suicide brought the needed peace to the family, he even told me what she had of his in her purse.


Another time I was reading in my bedroom late at night when a spirit named Tim walked into my bedroom I told him no spirits are allowed in my bedroom he would have to come back tomorrow.  I then shut my door and went to sleep.  The next morning when I went to the garage to get my car and head out for the day when I opened my garage door my car was running with no key in the ignition the keys were in my hand.  I could not turn the car off it was already in the off position.  I asked Tim why did he do this and his very urgent message to his family that also was ruled a suicide.  Tim had too many drinks when driving home one night and as soon as he pulled in the garage and shut the door he simply passed out with the car still running and his family was coming to see me that week.


This is what I mean by a need to get a message out or unresolved business.  So we can be very helpful to them at times.  By the way my car was towed and never worked properly again.  That is when I stopped with that kind of interaction and now just do the friendly ghost tours at the largest cemetery in Sedona with 2,160 grave sites.


2 Famous Interments at Sedona community cemetery 


According to the Find a Grave site, there are 2,160 graves in the cemetery. Among the famous interred here is Raul Hector Castro. June 12, 1916  d. April 10, 2015.  Raúl Héctor Castro served in both elected and non-elected public offices, including United States Ambassador to El Salvador (1964-68), Bolivia (1968-69), and Argentina (1977-80), and the 14th Governor of Arizona (1975–77). He was the first Mexican American to be elected governor of Arizona. 


and the 2nd……


Another famous burial located here belongs to James Gregory b. December 23, 1911  d. September 16, 2002.  He appeared in motion pictures and on television, most notably playing ‘Inspector Luger’ on the popular 1970s and 1980s television series “Barney Miller.” In films he is best remembered for playing the “Gorilla General” in the original “Planet of the Apes Movie” motion picture.


A ghost tour is fun and for entertainment purposes.  Never scary and the paranormal pictures that you can get at this place will make you a true believer in all things in the spirit world.


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