Disclosure in Sedona

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On August 26, 2019

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Disclosure in Sedona

Disclosure in Sedona


I have been in contact with my star family my entire life.  My first memory is waking up in a crib and seeing 3 different beings one Arcturian one Mantis and one Tall Engineer which I knew them all to be my family.  I instantly telepathically said to them “Why am I in this little body that I can’t do anything for myself this was not the deal I made”  They telepathically responded back “Do not worry we are always with you and you will always be taken care of”  “The humans out there will take physical care of you until it is time for you to leave”


I have been very taken care of by my star family.  I have been self employed my entire life while also working for my star family.  Everything I have ever needed has been provided magically for me.  The purpose of this blog is to answer some of the most common questions I get from others while out on UFO Tour.


Q1…Who are they, and where are they from?  They are beings mostly human like who are here to intervene.  They have been patiently waiting for us humans down here to evolve.  We have been at war as long as we have been walking around on the planet.  We are very destructive to ourselves and more importantly to the planet.  It is time now for our awareness and consciousness to go to the next level.  To embrace the fact that we have never been alone and that we are all of us a part of the many star nations.  They are here to teach us, to heal the collective consciousness so we can get off the karmic cycle and simply evolve in our spiritual journey.  It is time to take back control of this planet and allow Mother Earth to heal from all of the damage we have created.


I have been able to take pictures of all things paranormal and of Arcturians and Tall Grey and small Grey.  I have Fairies, Elves, Stargates, Wormholes and so much more.  I have these pictures to show others that it is not paranormal…IT’S NORMAL!  We are all beings of light we are Creator Beings and it is time to step back into our original place in this universe.  There are higher dimensional beings all around us and we all have one language…Telepathy.


The UFO are vessels which the Star Nations travel in and out of this dimension.  I use my telepathic ability to get them to respond to us by flashing or landing or coming to a stop when I ask them to most nights.  This is simply to show those I take out that they are our family and want to take the fear out of the consciousness about who is out there.  Are there little green men…Maybe but how is that different from little white, brown, red or yellow men.  WE ARE ALL ONE.


Disclosure will happen by the people not the government!!  We must all come together and have intelligent conscious conversation about the bigger picture and lets welcome our star family to be among us as they already are.  



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